Air Medical Training

Convenient online courses designed for the unique demands of Air Medical & Air Ambulance crews.

Your Air Medical crew is highly skilled and trained for the most demanding situations. Our online aviation training courses provide the recurrent training your crew needs to maintain their edge—satisfying AAMS and CAMTS standards, while saving your operation time and money with a more efficient training program designed specifically for aviation professionals.    









Students train independently anytime and anywhere with online, web-based instruction.

Every student receives the same high-quality training, so you don’t have to worry about inconsistencies across your crew.

Our large and constantly growing library of aviation topics allows you to customize the right training for your air medical crew.

Meets FAA requirements along with AAMS and CAMTS standards and satisfies continuing education credit hours.

Your training curriculum can be tailored to the type of aircraft you fly and your specific operation (fixed-wing vs. rotary-wing, IFR or VFR, etc.)



Each lesson utilizes the type of training most effective for teaching that subject, including animations, videos, Q&A, sound, and interactions. The lesson content is designed to be engaging to ensure that students develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Comprehensive, randomly generated exams ensure that students can demonstrate comprehension of the lesson content. Additional review is required for any questions missed during the examination.

Air Medical & Air Ambulance Training Courses

With an extensive course library, your air medical crew has access to all the training resources they need. All of our courses meet regulatory and compliance standards (CAMTS and AAMS).

Overview of Aviation Operations

  • Introduction to Aviation Operations
  • Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Air Medical Crewmember Duties
  • Factors Influencing Air Medical Operations

Overview of Aircraft Operations

  • Introduction to Aircraft Operations
  • Principles of Flight – Fixed Wing
  • Principles of Flight – Rotor Wing
  • Basic Aircraft Systems

Aircraft Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • Safety and Hazard Awareness
  • Aircraft Emergency Procedures

General Security Awareness

  • Aircraft, Ambulance, Area & Personnel Security

Flight Physiology

  • The Earth's Atmosphere
  • Gas Laws
  • Hypoxia
  • Pressurized Environments
  • Stressors of Flight

Human Factors

  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Situational Awareness
  • Building a Team

Critical Incident
Stress Management

  • Definitions of Types of Stress
  • Critical Incident Stress (CIS)
  • CIS Management


  • General Survival

What Our
Customers Say

"The program is running very well, and we have had nothing but positive comments from the team. We received a big "plus" from the CAMTS surveyor folks for implementing the training. The Chair of our Safety committee has recommended the program to his contacts from the AAMS safety community."

Site Manager, Air Medical Program

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